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Remini is a photo restoration and enhancement app developed by Fengkun. Available on Google Play and the App Store, it specializes in adding definition and clarity to blurry, or low-quality photos taken with older cameras or mobile phones. The app comes with state-of-the-art AI technology to provide real-time photo enhancement, achieving similar results to Airbrush or Photoshop

The Remini app is a great tool to use before posting old pictures on social media. It can polish amateur photos taken decades ago and add a professional, HD sheen. Available in English, Hindi, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Simplified and Traditional Chinese, Spanish, and Thai, this multimedia tool ensures that you never have to post low-quality pictures again.

Clarify and modernize photos

Since its launch in 2019, Remini has enhanced over ten million photos. The app works on photos that are low resolution, compressed, blurry, or otherwise damaged. It also curates and improves visual quality, adding definition to old photos. To repair blurred pictures or to enhance photographs taken with older cameras, this is the app to use.

Users of the Remini app love this utility for its ability to transform and modernize old or low-quality photos. Not only can the app improve photos, but it also can repair blurry videos by adding more clarity. The ‘Enhance’ feature is especially useful to restore photos and portraits or post an old camera roll on social media. The app also allows users to widen the aspect ratio of pictures and playing back previously captured videos on larger display devices.

Two common problems found in photo and video editing apps is that the user interface is usually overcrowded accompanied by a steep learning curve. The developers of Remini have tackled these problems by offering templates so that users can easily start editings photos and videos; leaving the user with only one decision: choosing what photo or video to enhance. 

You can even use the app’s native Selfie+ tab to finetune the selfies you’ve taken. This drastically enhances the quality of selfies taken in dark rooms, adding extra lighting without garishly affecting an image’s brightness contrast. The app also has additional niche photo editing functions, like transforming images into drawings and portraits, or into GIFs. Unfortunately, many of these features are only available in the pro version.

Remini vs. Photoshop

For beginners, Remini is a very convenient app, as it does all the heavy lifting by taking a low-quality picture and making it sharper, clearer, and overall, in better condition. This feature alone makes it a viable contender against photo editing titans like Photoshop. The industry-standard photo editing tool Photoshop is complicated to learn, and its pricing tiers can daunt novice editors.

Remini’s predefined processes make learning how to edit unnecessary, as it does the work for you. However, Remini falls shorts for those who have knowledge of how to use Photoshop or who want to push their image editing capabilities even further. The app doesn't provide many options for manual editing, and this can be frustrating to veteran photo editors accustomed to having more direct control.

In addition to Remini's lack of ability to manually edit, another downfall is when the app sharpens faces. While it does a decent job of sharpening faces in photos, the remainder of the image often stays unfocused. This results in a strange juxtaposition where the face is clear, but the rest of the body is blurred. Remini is also inconsistent with the time it takes to enhance pictures, sometimes even freezing mid-process.

Since Photoshop is typically used on desktop computers, it rarely crashes, and when it does it’s because it's dealing with a particularly taxing load. Lightweight and designed for mobile devices, there’s less excuse for poor performance from a simple app with less than half the features offered by Photoshop. Lastly, and perhaps the biggest downside, is that Remini’s free trial version only allows for three photo improvements a day.

Convenient but niche photo editing

Remini's ability to transform old photos into high-definition modern portraits is a nifty tool to have in your pocket. Its free version provides beginners a good starting point to edit photos and videos as the learning curve is minimal. 

The app suffers from some drawbacks, especially for advanced editors who want to have full control to manually edit. However, when looking at the app as a whole, overall, it is a reliable app with great features.


  • No photo editing knowledge necessary
  • Modernizes old photos


  • Fewer features than Photoshop
  • Inconsistent processing time
  • Limited daily uses with free version

Older versions

Also available in other platforms

Program available in other languages

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